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the clonkasaurus is back

newbster Feb 28, 2014

  1. newbster

    newbster Active Member

    it's back, not sure it ever went away, living somewhere in the front suspension, seems to be passenger side

    i changed top mounts and bearings about a month ago,i think it got better for a while.

    it seems to be at speeds below 25 mph, and i think i can feel a slight knock through steering wheel.

    i'll put her up on axle stands tomorow and have a poke around, likely suspects? in order

    bottom ball joint
    track rod end
    track rod inner joint
    arb bushes drop links

    have i missed anything?
  2. epox

    epox Active Member

    cv joint?
  3. hharry100

    hharry100 Member

    Arb bushes are normally the most common cause, am in the process of getting some superpro bushes to replace my worn ones
  4. bentescort

    bentescort New Member

    My vote goes on the front dampers. Had a similar knock, changed loads of stuff then found the o/s/f damper rattling around in the strut body.

    Shaking the wheel it felt like the wheel bearing had gone so changed the bearings but it was still the same. Pair of new front struts sorted it, it drove fine but the front dampers were knackered.

  5. AJC

    AJC 3rd Gear

    passenger side - headlight levelling arm
  6. newbster

    newbster Active Member

    thanks guys, i'll give those a prod tommorrow, excpet the headlamp leveling arm, don't have one of those :)
  7. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    In my experience, arb bushes, top mounts and arb drop links are common culprits.

    Doesn't mean it isn't something else though of course!
  8. newbster

    newbster Active Member


    ARB bushes and or drop links

    had a good poke around with the jemmy bar, nothing moving but the arb bushes did look worse for wear, but could not get any clonking noise when levering on them

    definelty not the track rods or ball joints, whcih i would have put money on it being, the noise was just like the last time i had to fit new ball joints

    so, decided to remove the bolt from the top of the drop link to the ARB and go for a (slow) drive

    quiet as a church mouse!

    so new ARB bushes and drop links

    any prefrence as to make, are power fllex any beter than oem for bushes
    i have plastic drop links at presrent, i recall a post about metal ones being better

    so, lesson here is don't make assumptions, and taking out the drop link bolt takes 5 minutes and pinpoints the source

    hopefully the clonkasaurus is back in hibernation.

    tooks and hharry win the ice cream mars bar first prize
  9. newbster

    newbster Active Member

    great sucsess!!

    changged ARB nushed and drop links today, pretty easy spannering, would have been hard work to get the drop limk bottom bolts out wthout using a big impact wrench

    the noise was a definite meatllic clunk, which ii believe is the locating collar on the ARB hitting the subframe.

    this confused me, as on previous cars, the arb bush's made more of a muffled thud.

    next up is the dogbone

    thanks for all the advice telling me it was arb bushes :)

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