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The Blackvue DR500GW-HD Wifi is here!!

Cruiser89 Jan 23, 2013

  1. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    It has been a long time coming and so many people have wanted it but it has finally arrived!! The Blackvue DR500GW-HD!!


    As you may have read we sell and promote a lot of In-Car Cameras to help you in the event of an accident. Helps prove what really happened in an accident. Also quite handy as a parking monitor if anybody damages your car. Blackvue are by far one of the most popular camera brands out there!

    So the really special thing about the Blackvue DR500GW-HD is it's Wifi ability. No more need to pull out the SD card. You can check the footage stored on the camera directly from your Android based phone or Apple iPhone. Amongst the other standard features such as Full-HD recording and simple to use software the Wifi is an awesome extra!

    I did a short Unboxing and review of the Blackvue DR500GW-HD this morning and uploaded it to YouTube:

    If you fancy getting your hands on one of these badboys then you can purchase it directly through our website by Clicking the link below:

    Blackvue DR500GW Wifi In Car Camera | Advanced In-Car Tech

    *It's always worth mentioning that there are a lot of Cheap Foreign / Grey units available on the internet, especially eBay. Be very careful as these usually have flashed English firmware and can cause issues such as overheating and camera failures. If something does happen it is very unlikely that the camera will be covered under warranty. You may think you are getting a bargain but it will without doubt cause you problems in the future...
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