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The Audi Destroyed By Bambi

M44 DUB Aug 20, 2007

  1. M44 DUB

    M44 DUB Member

    Well what a way to end a weeks holiday. Was driving home from a friends house along the Edinburgh city bypass westbound on Friday night when bambi decided to jump out and destroy the A3 [​IMG]

    The bumper, bonnet, windscreen, roof, grill are all damaged. Plus still have deer hair poking out of the bumper YUK [​IMG] Gutted!!! [​IMG] spent yesterday removing all personal belongings from the car as it's heading off to the garage tomorrow to be assessed.

    Most annoying thing is that the axel bushes and all the other little problems i was having had just been fixed last week, the car was in perfect condition and ready to be put up for sale.

    What a set back. I'll hopefully post some pics on wednesday once it's been to the garage.

    Word of warning WATCH OUT FOR DEER:scared2:
  2. clcollins

    clcollins Member

    Can't see the pictures, but even so, sorry to hear of your accident, looking on the positive side it sounds as if no one (apart from Bambi) was hurt. I guess if the car is wrote off it gives you the excitement of researching and looking for a new car, will you stick with Audi?
  3. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    ouch (your pics aren't working for me either), I manage to hit a fully grow deer a few years ago and I was lucky enough to get away with a slight crack in my bumper and a broken / missing grill! I was lucky though, hit it perfectly square on and it just flew about 20 meters through the air onto the side of the road!
  4. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    Bambi's tougher than he looks, bet he's got a flick knife too.

    seriously though that sucks, just thank the stars he didn't come through the windscreen
  5. SamDude

    SamDude Active Member

    The broken pictures are just emoticons from another forum (who seem to be blocking them as you're not viewing them on their forum...)
  6. M44 DUB

    M44 DUB Member

    Thanks guys. Dropped A3 off at the garage this morning so it's now just a waiting game. :sign_unfair:

    Don't think i'll own another A3 maybe a S3 through time. Currently have a S2 sitting in the driveway just needing a clutch.

    Have been looking at Mk3 golf's at least i would be able to put my plate on it. Just need to find a good one.

    I'll post some photo's of the car on wednesday

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