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The 180/190/225BHP 1.8Ts...

Rich Apr 22, 2007

  1. Rich

    Rich Rollin on boost mother hubbards

    I have the 150BHP B5 1.8T Sport, but whats the difference in the engine that the others have to get the extra BHP? Are there some easy mods that could be done that bring the engine up to the 225BHP TTs power for example, as surley its the same base engine with just certain things different?

    Maybe the 225 is a bit ambitions with a "few easy mods" but surely the 180 version there can't be a lot in them?
  2. John@ECM-TECH

    John@ECM-TECH Owner Site Sponsor

    I think its the turbo.

    the 150 has the k03, the 180 has the k03s and the 225 tt has the k04.

    These along with different ecu maps and n75 valves make most of the difference I think.

    My 180 TQS is 211ish with an ECU remap i'm quite sure the 225 is attainable with the 180 engine not sure about the 150 tho.
  3. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    depends entirely on the engine code. check the top lug on the cylinder head.
    Most 150bhp engines are as above, running KO3 turbos. they also have cast internals and small port cylinder heads.

    The 180 version tends to have a mixture of large port heads and KO3s (basically a KO3 with a bigger compressor).

    The TT 225 spec engine (usually BAM code) has forged internals, KO4 turbo, larger pins through the pistons, large port head, internal water pump and a better MAP.

    Various other difference on VVT, DBW and ancillary choices between newer engines.

    your biggest limitation on you 150bhp is your turbo.
    You could happily see closer to 200 (usually between 190-210 depending on the above and the vendor) with an off the shelf generic remap from Jabba, AMD etc.
    You will need a better exhaust and intake to really see rewards.

    after that you are looking at bigger turbos, custom remaps, bigger injectors etc etc
  4. Rich

    Rich Rollin on boost mother hubbards

    Cheers guys, I'm planning on getting a carbonio intake and a full miltek exhaust system and forge DV before a remap next month.

    My engine code is AWT methinks :p Looks like I'll follow the above mods and then look into K04 fun times ;) - after new brakes and suspension :p
  5. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    KO4 is not such a straight forward swap.
    requires a specific KO4 for longtudinal engines, new manifold, new injectors, would benefit from an FMIC or water injection.
    remap, exhaust, intake etc...and then you will max it out in the late 200's.

    save up your pennies and get a bigger turbo conversion, similar cost, better results
  6. JayB5UK

    JayB5UK Member

    Go for an uprated intercooler first if you want decent reliable power, mine is re-mapped but if I were keeoping it i'd next go for the "more power through more efficiency" route.
    I had an Escort RS turbo about 5-6 years ago, it had the usual bits and bobs, but due to a Chargecooler kit and dyno set-up @ Power Engineering, it managed a reliable 203bhp & 210lb/ft from a 1.6, where most guys were going for 1.9 conversions and still an intercooler to get the same. I miss that car similar power but lots less weight.
  7. 951

    951 Member

    Mines had a powerflow exhaust,and superchip fitted and been rolling road tuned by well lane turbo's and its putting out 183 bhp !!
  8. naefeart

    naefeart Bonkers

    An interesting thread I found over at Tiresmoke : http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/243435/page/vc/fpart/3/vc/1

    With the excert :

    "Dear Sir,

    thank you for your interest in our products.

    First of all, we don't produce any turbo that we call K03S. But I hope I can
    answer your questions with the following explanations.

    All the following turbos have the same installation dimensions and
    thermodynamical performance. The differences are only in the actuator that
    opens the turbine bypass valve:
    K03-011 (5303 988 0011) 150 hp, 65 N actuator
    K03-026 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-035 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-044 150 hp, 65 N actuator
    K03-045 156 hp (Ibiza Cupra), 85 N actuator with 2 ports
    K03-049 150 hp (Sharan/Alhambra), 65 N actuator
    The 180 hp versions have an actuator with a higher opening force due to the
    higher exhaust gas pressure (which is a consequence of the higher boost
    pressure). Otherwise the valve would be pushed open by the exhaust gas

    The following turbos are a further development (since 2000) and have an
    improved and slightly larger compressor while using the same turbine (still
    with the same installation dimensions):
    K03-052 180 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-053 150 hp, 85 N actuator
    K03-058 150 hp/180 hp, 85 N actuator

    Consequentially, putting a 180 hp turbo on a 150 hp engine will not bring
    about any change in performance, but putting on a K03-052/053/058 instead of
    the older versions will bring a slight improvement in engine efficiency.
    Additionally, with re-mapping the ECU you can achieve about 215 hp without
    danger of overspeeding the turbo. With the older turbos, 195 hp is the

    With the K04 that's also commonly used (5304 950 0001) the power output
    should not be more than 220 hp. That means, changing a K03-052/053/058
    against a K04 does not make a lot of sense.

    I hope that these details answer your questions. If you need more info, one
    of our service distributors will be glad to help you. Their addresses are on
    our website www.turbodriven.com.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,
    BorgWarner Turbo Systems GmbH
    Sales IDS - Technical Support
    Christian Seibert"
  9. jcb

    jcb Active Member


    interesting, but the TT makes 225bhp doesnt it
  10. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    If going for the K04-15 you don't need a new manifold it will bolt up straight to the stock unit without any fuss and you don't need injectors either just a remap but to max it out injectors are a good option.

    You can run a K04 on its own if your car is running a K03 remap but a custom tune is advisable the manifold is not needed with the K04 at any stage of tune.

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