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The 1.8t project

pacman1.8t Mar 21, 2010

  1. pacman1.8t

    pacman1.8t New Member

    Having just bought my little a3, it need alot of work and TLC. So far today i have fixed the passenger side electric window following some very helpfull guides on here, then the odd bulb replacement and some fluid top ups. I have however come across a problem..... The passenger side door does not close properly it sort of dont 'catch'. i adjusted the bit that the door hooks onto and now the whole sits slightly out when shut properly any suggestions?? Also ive noticed under the floor mats are wet??? and when not being used all windows fog up, maybe something to do with the door not sitting correctly...... bad seals ect??..................... Here is a picture of her as bought, il keep posted as i have a few mods in mind[​IMG]
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