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The £50 detail (?!)

Rich Jun 4, 2007

  1. Rich

    Rich Rollin on boost mother hubbards


    As I have this Friday off I thought I would treat my car to a good old clean! I want to do a good job but I dont want to spend more than £50 on all the various chemicals and equipment you can buy!

    I currently have:

    A hose pipe
    2 buckets ;)

    Basically I would just like some advise on what products I should get this week (prefrably all from Halfords) to get my car sparkling. The paint is hibiscus red colour if that makes much of a difference. One thing I would like is somthing to clean the alloys as they are filthy and some sort of wax to protect the paint and make it shine.

    But I cant spend more than £50 on bits as I'm rather skint right now :(

    Any suggestions? :D!
  2. chris_20

    chris_20 Member

    errr well you should be able to get the basics for £50

    id suggest:

    a lambswool mitt
    a good shampoo, megs gold class maybe
    autoglym super resin polish
    and collinite 476 as a wax.

    that is pretty much the basics covered and should roll in at just under your budget
  3. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    1, Clay bar! Makes one hell of a difference.
    2, Good shampoo
    3, Autoglym SRP
    4 Autoglym EGP
    5, Plush Microfibre
    6, Micro Drying towel

    That will probably slighty over budget. Or get a mini detail..
  4. Rich

    Rich Rollin on boost mother hubbards

    Cheers guys!

    I wanted to do it myself as hopefully I will get more than one use out of each thing and in the future I'll have more cash to spend on better gear :)
  5. The Doc

    The Doc New Member

    Just done my D3.

    Advise Halfords for buying all yer Megs gear and buy things 3 at a time max. Buy 2 get one free.

    Don't buy Megs terry towels etc get the Halfords ones. Though the Megs towel for drying is superb!

    - Megs Shampoo
    - Megs Clay Bar
    - Megs Paint Scrub
    - Megs Polish
    - Megs Carnuba Wax

    Then some decent wheel cleaner and Megs tyre shine :)

    Takes a while but looks superb! Prob £60 for all that from Halfords...

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