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That's Mah Boy.

A4Andy Jun 23, 2006

  1. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    Three men are sitting in the maternity ward of a hospital waiting for the imminent birth of their respective children.

    One's an Englishman, one a Scotsman and the other a Jamaican. They are all very nervous and pacing the floor.

    All of a sudden the doctor bursts through the double doors saying: "Gentlemen you won't believe this but your wives have all had their babies within 5 minutes of each other."

    The men are beside themselves with happiness and joy. "And", said the doctor, "They have all had little boys." The fathers are ecstatic and congratulate each other over and over.

    "However, we do have one slight problem," the doctor said. "In all the confusion we may have mixed the babies up getting them to the nursery and would be grateful if you could join us there to try and help identify them."

    With that the Scotsman raced past the doctor and bolted to the nursery. Once inside he picked up a dark skinned infant with dreadlocks saying,"There's no doubt about it, this boy is mine!"

    The doctor looked bewildered and said, "Well sir, of all the babies I would have thought that maybe this child could be of Jamaican descent".

    "True", said the Scotsman, "but one of the other two is English and I'm not taking the risk."
  2. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Hmmmmm - It's like That is it....

    It is just before the Scotland v Brazil match. Ronaldinho goes into the Brazilian changing room to find all his teammates looking a bit glum.

    "What's up?" he asks.

    Well, we're having trouble getting motivated for this game. We know it's important but it's only Scotland. They're sh*te and we can't be bothered."
    Ronaldinho looks at them and says, "Well, I reckon I can beat them by myself-you lads go down the pub."
    So Ronaldinho goes out to play Scotland by himself and the rest of the Brazilian team go off for a few jars. After a few pints they wonder how the game is going, so they get the landlord to put the teletext on. A big cheer goes up as the screen reads :
    "Brazil 1 - Scotland 0 (Ronaldinho 10 minutes)". He is beating Scotland all by himself!
    Anyway, a few pints later and the game is forgotten until someone remembers, "It must be full time now, let's see how he got on." They put the teletext on.
    "Result from the Stadium 'Brazil 1 (Ronaldinho 10 minutes) - Scotland 1 (Ferguson 89 minutes)."
    They can't believe it; he has single-handedly got a draw against Scotland!!
    They rush back to the Stadium to congratulate Ronaldinho. They find him in the dressing room, still in his gear, sitting with his head in his hands.
    He refuses to look at them. "I've let you down, I've let you down."
    "Don't be daft, you got a draw against Scotland, all by yourself. And they only scored at the very, very end!"
    "No, no, I have, I've let you down...I got sent off after 12 minutes.
  3. madvw

    madvw Active Member

  4. Funny..... I saw that brazil joke last week except it wasthe england team they were on about......hmmm....;)
  5. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member

    very good both of em, lol
  6. Bula_82

    Bula_82 Self Confessed Nightmare!


    a ha ha they were good.

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