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Thanks to Nigel aka NHN for fitting my new device

kwistof Feb 19, 2014

  1. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    As per the title,

    Just a brief thank you to Nigel (NHN) from ASN who travelled a good 2 hours from the Brighton area to Dover in Kent to fit my XCarlink to my 8L S3 and also fit and supply my mates OEM cruise control stalk to his Leon Cupra 180 on the Sunday just gone.

    Turned up at the correct time and place, had all the equipment required including some really cool tools and had some quality banter throughout :)

    Obviously we are all car enthusiasts and are cars are our pride and joy- so I'd just like to say you're Audi/VAG cars will be in safe hands with Nigel...I really couldn't have done a better job myself with twice the time he completed the tasks in!

    Will definitely be using his services again in the future and was nice to finally meet you and your stealthed out 8P :o.k:

    I've also added a few pics of the product I had fitted along with the end result and a cheeky mid way pic of the cruise control install. If anyone else requires his services then drop him a PM with what you require and I'm sure he will be happy to help.

    Catch up soon Nigel.



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