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Thanks to all audi-sport members!

philwest Dec 19, 2003

  1. philwest

    philwest New Member

    As I have only recently joined the site I have just finished reading the posts and old pages and would like to say thanks to all. There are some fascinating articles which should help keep my car running sweetly, the sort of advice that can be hard to come by.
    My A4 1.8Ts is suspected of having a broken wastegate actuator and is not happy. AMD UK were very helpfull and gave it a quick lookover in situ without an appointment and have confirmed this so thanks to them too. They are booking me in soon and I can hardly wait to get proper performance back again ( and better mpg ).
  2. Carps

    Carps New Member

    Not Phil West of VW Type 1 Sepia Brown fame ?

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