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Thank God for warranties!

~RS~ Jan 28, 2010

  1. ~RS~

    ~RS~ Active Member

    So my story begins at around 1am on the 18 December. Driving back from a night out, I hear a loud screeching sound coming from the engine bay.... seconds later the car looses all power! OMG!! First thing that comes to mind is the cambelt :faint: Oddly enough residential power on the road I am driving down also goes out at near the same time... so there's a blackout at the same or near split second near, the same time as my car dies..... strange! I'm looking in the skies at this point :D:D lol!

    So I try turn the key and start the engine..... and get back a BIG FAT nothing! Have a look around the engine bay Panic sets in as I am a few miles away from signs of life :D So I search google on the iphone (thank god for technology) scanning the road on Nav (again thank god 4 tech!) and ordering a cab. Just my luck the RAC membersip I had run out a couple of weeks prior and my lazy ass hadn't got round to renewing as I thought I have a trawl for the best cover from all providers, which I never did... anyway I digress. So I find a cab firm and ask if any of the drivers have jump leads.... Somebody loves me upstairs as low & behold jump leads are available, but the driver with them won't be able to collect me for 45 mins!

    As I sit, in the freezing cold unable to use the heating, I ponder my situation over a malboro light :motz: and come to the conclusion that a jump start will not help as power died while the car was moving so I call the cab firm back and ask for immediate pick up :D it's getting very cold now and I'm tired n pissed off too!

    Fast forward to the next morning, RAC membership now in place (+ cost of getting them out for emergency due to lack of cover at time of breakdown) and we have ourselves a diagnosis of the problem the alternator pulley has broken, the end the has the belt has literally come broken off stretching the belt and upon snapping spiraling it off into the unkown :faint:

    Have a quick search on the way to the garage on the iphone and see a thread on a similar subject here, seems like a simple job to sort at a relatively low cost, so a little relief sets in. As the garage is closing for Xmas and they have a lot on the techs cannot asses the car until after Xmas!! So I has to wait until then to get word back.

    Well the relief at finding the thread here re- the alternator pulley was to be short lived as when the car is fully diagnosed by the techs after Xmas they discover that the alternator belt had found its way into the section where the cambelt is housed, resulting in the cambelt being effected, resulting in the engine being damaged :faint: glass of water please! :faint:

    I was utterly dismayed, and totally flabbergasted that such a small problem (or what at first seemed to be pretty straightforward problem) could go on to cause such devastation! Please excuse my bad explanation technically of the resulting damage from the pulley breaking I'm pretty ***** when it comes tech talk.

    A week later & few bottles of champagne over news years later... still car less. In the meantime I had contacted my warranty providers to alert them to the problem with fingers crossed that all would be covered. The final diagnosis comes in that a new engine will be required!:faint: still no word back from the warranty co. so I am really pacing now... Warranty co. finally send out assessor to inspect the damage and a few days later I am greeted with the first bit of good news re the car in a while. The warranty co is covering the initial problem and all consequential damaged caused. :icon_thumright: Thank god! The bill for the engine, fitting and other bits required was £5500+ I really was relieved to hear that I wouldn't have to shed out for that, trust me!

    The new engine is now in the car, and they are road testing it today and tomorrow before they invoice my warranty co, get paid, then give me my car back!! Hopefully this will all take place in the next week as I have now been without car for 1+ months... Had a rental for a bit, which was too costly, so got the bus/ train, as the courtesy car was already out... Just got the courtesy car after 3 weeks without, absolutely pissed about the whole affair but glad the warranty seems to be coming through.

    Lessons learned....

    1) Have a warranty!!! I cannot stress this enough, as long as my warranty provider does as they say they will- pay for all repairs resulting from consequential damage. Then I have saved £5300 (cost of repair circa £5800 - warranty £500 for year £500) Make sure your warranty covers you for consequential damage.

    2) Have breakdown cover!!! If you ever need it you will rue the day you didn't but it. Especially if you are in the middle of nowhere and they charge you an extra £110 on top of regular fee for yearly cover as it's an emergency pick up.

    My car is with Russell Automotive, they seem fully capable and have won Audi driver Awards in the previous 3 years for service etc. What they have lacked in my case is communication, I have had to constantly ring for updates and to chase the courtesy car down. Although this is somewhat due to the length it took for the car to be inspected by warranty co. I feel some good will should have been extended prior to this point or at least some sqaure talk - ie: we are awaiting the inspection before releasing the courtesy car or can we have a deposit on the work we will do before releasing... whatever I feel they could have been more forthright with their stance on this.

    Comments, violins, pats on the back of sympathy, hell just sympathy in general more than welcome :)
  2. waqi

    waqi Member

    I would play you some violins if i could, but mate that story makes you really think about taking a warranty! Glad you got it sorted
  3. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    A similar situation happened to me a good few year back now - coming out of Wales, following a Robbie Williams concert at daft o'clock in the morning. Unlit section of motorway and about 300 miles to get home and the alternator dies.
    Phone battery was flat - no charger in the car - gulp.

    Luckily I managed to drive around 5 miles with the lights off, heaters off, stereo off etc to get to the nearest Service station. Phoned the AA and it ran out the week before. Ended up costing me a fortune to get sorted and get home. Hotel bill included.

    Definatley a lesson learnt.:motz:

    Warrenty -tick

    Breakdown cover - tick

    Phone battery charger / emergency phone charger thingymigig - tick
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
  4. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    took a warranty out in december when my audi one run out after reading horror stories on here about turbos and porous heads on my model love the car but scared of the repair bills
  5. 10blazin


    great new,s get your clock reset if you can ?? its like a new car
  6. ~RS~

    ~RS~ Active Member

    Cheers chaps,

    Waqi, it's the thought that counts :)

    RAPS3, Damn headache isn't it!!! Glad to hear that you were not as unfortunate as I seem to have been.... Bloody lovely sportback btw! I think you had the 3dr last time I was online??

    flying oyster, good call! I was in a similar boat when I bought mine- I had read a few stories that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up :) Really glad I got it now and will be a must for any future vehicles out of warranty

    What's good 10blazin, still looking for that hyperdrive then lad? :) Good to see you are still about and all is well. Been meaning to post in a bit but have been lurking around in the shadows.

  7. kaliber

    kaliber kaliber

    glad things worked out for you mate.

    i also go to russells i find that they too need to communicate more when dealing with longer term problems..although they are the most honest technicians i have met and can be helpfull if your straped for cash. not worth going back to the steelers. where abouts r u based?
  8. 10blazin


    I been looking on the site , just been busy that's all pal .. I got to sell my car which has done my head in but il be back in a couple of years im down grading to an avant i need a bigger car but in a couple of years i want probably a nice a4 avant probably diesel and mapped to the hilt .. ; - ) Glad to hear you got sorted though i would of cried if that happenned to me ..lol

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