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TFSI k04 hybrid turbo ready for A4 platform

olethalb Oct 1, 2013

  1. olethalb

    olethalb Active Member

    i'm selling my Turbo dynamics hybrid k04 turbo, after my first k04 let go i spoke to Turbo Dynamics who suggested an brand new genuine turbo which was then given hybrid treatment at a cost of £1500

    the turbo only covered 2000 miles as i have a deal with Dan (Beach Buggy) and I'm testing his new K04 hybrid unit so

    Unfortunately due to problems with the engine build i'll have to let the TD unit go for cheap to claw some cash back :(

    K04 hybrid turbo:
    High flow K24 Compressor wheel (from an RS4) modified to suit
    Re-profiled compressor housing
    Uprated 360 degree thrust kit fitted
    Lightening of turbine wheel for quicker response

    in addition to the hybrid work i had them fabricate my custom outlet and exhaust flange to make it much easier to fit into the A4 platform

    the outlet has a k04 -023 (1.8T) outlet welded on so you can use a TT outlet silicon bend, no faffing about with that adaptor and gives lots of clearence from the rad

    the exhaust flange has been machined so you can use a stock k03 decat / dp and merely slot the top 2 holes of the flange

    i will also include modified A4 oil / water lines if i can find them so this will almost be a drop in mod.

    i made 360ps and solaris made 374ps on this spec turbo with supporting mods.

    i'm pricing this at £750 FIRM collected to sell bearing in mind it stands me in over £1600 and was only used for 2k miles, 500 of them were break in miles.

    collection from bracknell or courier at your own cost

    Olly - 07789 18 48 58

  2. Luki18T

    Luki18T New Member

    wil you let it go for 650?

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