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Testing turbo performance (1.8t)

Big_Al_A3 Jun 30, 2007

  1. Big_Al_A3

    Big_Al_A3 1st Gear 1st Audi \o/

    I hope im posting in the right place, apologies if i'm not!
    I've had my first audi for nearly 2 weeks, a 2001 a3 a.8t which i'm really enjoying driving so far. The car did have a full service before buying but I am a bit concerned that i'm not getting all I should be from the turbo, this is my first turbo car that i've driven and before going to a garage who could charge me an arm and a leg to look at it, wondered if there are any self diagnosis that can be done.
    The problems i'm having is sometimes in the low revs i.e whel pulling off (up to 2000rpm most often in 2nd gear) I often get stuck for a few seconds with absolutely zero power no matter how much throttle I give it then a few seconds later the power is there, also when comparing my cars performance to my mum's a4 avant which is a 2002 1.9tdi (125) although its a bigger car, and less bhp (on paper) feels more powerfull I would expect some of the horses to have escaped in the 6 years and nearly 90k miles mine has done but not to the level that it feels less powerfull than this.
    I've got a full service history but do the turbo charger units have a life time or degrade over time at which point they need replacement?
    From what ive read im inclined to point my finger at the recirculating valve, or get a boost guage fitted to check how much pressure i'm getting but if there are any self tests that I can do would be fantastic. If its a garage job then what sort of costs would I be looking at for a basic performance diagnosis?
  2. IndieA31.8T

    IndieA31.8T New Member


    The power yur feeling in your Mom's Avant is the torque. This gives the kick in the back sensation.
    It could be a case of a boost leak somewhere, not always easy to find?
    You may want to change the DV as the factory Bosch is **** and will only help Turbo lag if its buggered.
    Also think about upgrading to a panel air filter.

    Boost gauges are really cheap today so it could be an easy solution too.

    Good luck.


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