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Test Lambda With Multimeter ??

A3 T Nov 5, 2013

  1. A3 T

    A3 T Lord Of The Rings

    Sorry for all the threads guys.

    Following on from my other thread:


    I've seen some guides showing you how to test lambda sensors by putting a multimeter on the wires and then heating them up, but they always seem to be for other cars with about 3 wires.

    Does anyone know how to do the same test on our 5 wire lambda sensors?

    I would need to know what wires to put the multimeter on and what reading i should expect.

  2. Pedrosousa

    Pedrosousa Member

    On 5 wire lambda sensor or. wideband sensor, you cant't test. in volt, it's very different you have to measure the Amp.

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