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Test drove A4 Allroad 3.0 TDI today - doubts!!

michal12 Nov 14, 2009

  1. michal12

    michal12 New Member

    I was especially interested in the new 7 speed gearbox and the 3.0 TDI engine.
    My testdrive was brief but left me with mixed feelings.
    I am coming from a petrol 2002 A4 3.0 with 5 speed Tip so my biggest worry is that I dont know how to drive diesels. I find it quite difficult to modulate power in heavy traffic if I want to quicky overtake or switch lanes due to turbo lag and very inconsistent power delivery.
    Coming from petrol engine, the turbo leg is indeed horror. From standing start, there is initialy nothing happening (feels like an entire second or so), followed by really nice push (very good) which however last only a short time followed by a brisk but not excining acceleration. No problems with the gearbox, sometimes I thought it shifted too early but that is probably a diesel thing.
    Big disappointment was also the inconsisten heaviness of the steering (Servotronic?) which I thought made difficult to negotiate the car through a shicane or something since you never know how much resistance you will get.
    Overall, the car was worth nearly 10times more than my old car I arrived in but felt no more exciting and left me wondering why should I spend so much money on something that is in some areas worse than my old car.

    Will apprecite you thoughts, especially from ppl who also have driven e.g. 330d or C350 CDI.
  2. Bradders

    Bradders New Member

    I can only comment having just sold an auto Freelander 2 diesel. The power delivery you describe is exactly the same as the FL - basically all or nothing. I assume this is a combination of the turbo lag as you describe and the very narrow rev range available.

    My new A4 tfsi quattro solved the problems!

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