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Test Drive this eve

Stink Jul 25, 2011

  1. Stink

    Stink Member

    So will be test driving a 140 TDI Sport this eve Now the things im aware of to look out for are: Any White Smoke on start up Air con fans both working shakey on idle, dipping clutch to see if this stops it Any sort of scum on the header tank level Loud turbo spooling checking the trip computer for the MPG And checking the service history see what work has been done apparently the cambelt has been done but not the water pump :p, fingers crossed there wont be any major issues, its a 53 plate on 60kanything else you would recommend?
  2. Harrelson

    Harrelson Member

    do a hpi check
    any vibrations at the wheel?
    pulling to one side when driving straight
    test the brakes and inspect them visually
    check the tyres, tread depth, bulges, nails
    check for rust (engine bay, under the doors, wheel arches, underneath)
    is the gearchange smooth and precise?
    wipers, lights
    paint condition

    this list is endless
  3. Stink

    Stink Member

    well ive done a HPI check and that is all clear guess we will see later what its really like when i drive it
  4. crunchie

    crunchie Active Member


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