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Tensioners just let go ony my 2.0 TDI. Any ideas on cost

retroted Dec 6, 2011

  1. retroted

    retroted New Member

    Driving home tonight in my 57 plate A3 2.0 TDi 170 and she looses power and cuts out. Otow.
    Turns out after a quick look that the stud that holds the tensioner under the cam pullys has sheared off resulting in the belt coming loose.
    Absolutley gutted as I've only had it 4 months. When I checked the servive book the belt was replaced at Carlisle Audi 2 years ago @ 70k the car has now covered 110k but I'm assuming that there will be no warranty

    Has anyone got an idea of the cost that i'm about to get shafted for
  2. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Regional Rep Gold Supporter Team Brill Red Audi A3

    depends on any damage to the inside of the motor mate like valves etc... don't know much about the tdi engine so can't comment really soz plenty of people on here have got tdi's tho they will comment soon
  3. chris1988brown

    chris1988brown Member

    like frana3 says mate depends on damage to engine, how fast were you going when it died and whas there any noise/ smoke you noticed? ive known belts snap or some loose and destroy valves but ive also known them come off at high speed and everytrhing be fine, pritty much comes down to luck, hopfully you'll be lucky and just need a new belt, water pump and tensioner !!
  4. Ash187

    Ash187 Audi-Retrofits.co.uk Site Sponsor VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A5

    i had my alternator pulley brake off while i was travelling about 50 mph but no damage was done apart from the need to replace the alternator. you may still be in luck with the car... get it into an indy if your worried about costs and get a quote from them.
  5. retroted

    retroted New Member

    Cheers it's booked in for Friday. Fingers crossed it's not fubar

    At least I've still got my faithful 140 to fall back on :racer:
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2011
  6. S3 Dave

    S3 Dave Now running on Heavy Oil

    Check your exact dates! If the belt was done @ Audi it will qualify for 2 yrs warranty! Whilst the belt hasn't snapped they would of changed the tensioner. Worth a sniff! I would however prepare yourself for the Fubar outcome! If it is It would never make sense to let Audi repair the engine unless you hate money and want to get rid of it all.

    Best of luck!
  7. Virdee

    Virdee Active Member

    I've seen a car with exactly the same problem as yours.

    Will need a new stud, and maybe even a helicoil depending on the thread condition for the stud. Take it to Audi, and they'll probably say new cylinder head required!

    As for further damage - we found that they don't really bend valves on these. The roller rocker arms break or the hydraulic elements break. You would be lucky and get away by doing that. But even those are expensive and obviously depends on how many you need. But adviseable to change all as although may look ok, they probably all took a hit!

    Hope that helps.

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