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Tempory car insurance ??

D4YEW Mar 27, 2012

  1. D4YEW

    D4YEW New Member

    Hi have recently bought a s3 :) i have a vw golf that i now need to insure, until i sell it over the next few weeks. I also need to tax it in the next few days, does anyone know any companies that offer a tempory policy ? that will cover me for it to be sat on the drive and say 20 miles for the month, so i can take potential buyers on a test drive ?? Thanks
  2. skyinsurance

    skyinsurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

  3. D4YEW

    D4YEW New Member

    Is there a number i can ring ?? as i put 25 days cover in and they wanted 260.00 which seems steep as i only paid 500.00 for the year ? Thanks
  4. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator TeamMisano TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro s tronic Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

  5. audigex

    audigex Active Member

    tbh, you'd probably be best off just taking out normal cover - temporary cover is meant to be a couple of days thing - more than a few weeks and you're paying more than for annual cover.

    Most policies allow you to cancel at any time with a full pro-rata discount (although if you make a claim, you can't cancel)

    So take it out for £500 (probably less if you put in very low mileage), then if you sell it in a couple of months you get £420 of that back... less than you'd pay for a couple of weeks of temporary cover. If you can find a monthly rolling contract, that works even better.

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