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Temperature Sender location & 'limp home mode' ?

SimonA4 Jul 10, 2004

  1. SimonA4

    SimonA4 New Member

    When I bought my A4 1.6 'N' last month the previous owner had a report from a non-Audi garage that said the Engine management reported an intermittant fault with the Temperature Sender. I therefore stopped at an Audi dealer on the way home with the car and bought a replacement one.

    Only trouble is, I can't seem to find where it is on the engine! Can someone pinpoint it for me please? Do you need to drain the coolant or anything like that?

    The car runs like **** on a long journey - there's a very obvious lack of pull when you put your foot down, and on a steady run at, say, 60mph you can feel the car pulling back in a pulsing type motion (bit like one of the four cyclinders is sticking or not firing correctly). Could this be caused by a Temp Sender fault?

    Someone has told me it sounds like the car is permanently in "Limp Home" mode - what the hell does that mean???
  2. HotSauce

    HotSauce Member

    I may be wrong, but I believe it is where the fuel injection CPU, makes the car run quite rich. Basically, it provides a lower engine temperature, and some added lubrication. Start the car, and then stand to the rear of it. Can you smell the gas quite strongly? If so, that is probobly what's going on. This is a bit of a shot in the dark though.
  3. ImolaS4

    ImolaS4 Member

    If you are referring to the temperature sensor, then these two tech articles should help.
    And no, you will lose a little bit of coolant, but not enough to worry about. Do it when the engine is cool so you don't burn your hands on the hot coolant!

    sensor R&R #1

    Sensor R&R #2

    Hope this helps.
  4. "limp home mode" occurs when the engine management(ecu) developes a fault and rather than shut down completely the manufacturer has incorporated a backup called "limp home mode".the ecu controls everything to do with the optimum running of the engine, air/fuel mix, timing etc.when the engine developes a fault, a light on the dash will appear(usually orange in colour),this in turn registers a fault code within the ecu.this code will determine what the actual fault is.the fault code can be read with the use of computers from either the dealer, or garage with ecu diagnostic equipment.the limp home mode is designed to get the car home without causing anymore damage to the engine, you will feel a difference in the cars performance i:e slower and lack of power.hope this helps a bit. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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