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Temperature Gauge 1.8 Quattro TT

mick mc Jul 6, 2011

  1. mick mc

    mick mc mickyray

    Hi Guys,
    Has anyone had any problems with the temperature gauge on their TT ( 2003 ) model. I have a problem with mine where it goes straight to the red line within minutes of starting the car. I have been told that this is a problem with this model but I was wondering how well known this issue is and if Audi had done a recall! Also how much would it cost to replace this gauge? Any help greatly appreciated.

  2. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

    Same problem here mate, with a TT I bought.

    Do some research on the web to see how common a problem it is.

    Watchdog did a piece on it, and there was a recall for any cars that were 5 years old or less... So that's not applicable.

    There are specialist companies that will repair, which is what I am planning to do.
  3. YT.

    YT. Member

    Firstly check the thermostat, if that doesn't cure it you have the dreaded dashpod lurgey, don't think Audi are doing recalls on them any more though..
  4. rodhotter

    rodhotter New Member

    i recently purchased an 01 TT, found out display issues common, there was a class action suite which is over i believe. i was referred to modulemaster.com for guage or display issues over here in usa

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