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Temp senson headache

Evosi Nov 20, 2012

  1. Evosi

    Evosi New Member

    Can anyone help as even audi main stealers can't point me in the right direction

    i have a 2004 b6 A4 18t (190) s line avant

    the problem I have is my dash temp gauge every now and again stays on 50 degrees not the usual 90 degrees running temp then all of a sudden it hits 90 degrees like a bullet ,,stays there for about 5 mins then drops like a brick back to 50 degrees then stays there for the rest of my journey...

    my problem is audi and my local tps list a grey(2) pin sensor for lower rad pipe face down which I have replaced still same problem persists but I and one of the other tecs at work could not for love nor money find where this green (4) pin sensor goes.

    we have though found another sensor on the side of the thermostat housing under the inlet n/s of the car, this is a blue (2) pin sensor which according to audi my car should not have . there reluctant to give me a part no for this they also can't get me one without a part no and the sensor has no part no...

    But after digging on autodata and ringing another audi main stealer they have said there is a note on one of the listings for 2 x grey (2) pin temp sensors for this model. so is there a chance the blue sensors a wrong part and I'm barking up the wrong tree and the car should have a blue and a grey sensor ,,or should it not have a blue sensor but have 2 grey sensors or should it have the green and the grey sensor and I'm just looking at this blue sensor getting it mixed up as its nothing to do with the whole problem if so please can someone tell me or attach a pic to where this green 4 pin sensor goes sorry for the essay and thanks for your help SiSi
  2. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    I'd say your thermostat is at fault m8, not the temp sensor
  3. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    I agree with mark on this. I changed both at the same time on mine for peace of mind.
  4. Ian-83

    Ian-83 Member

    As you look at the engine on the head side next to the bulkhead is a plastic housing for the cooling system. If a 4 pin green sensor is fitted it will be here. The thermostat is located in the lower hose where it goes onto the block under the inlet manifold sometimes there is a sensor there too.
  5. Evosi

    Evosi New Member

    Hello again ,,

    round 2 , removed blue sensor from housing after removing realised this should not of been removed its part of the thermostat housing so ordered a new housing, thermostat, and gaskets ,but also can't plug the 2 pin plug back in as we smashed it trying to get it out .
    thought now unplugged temp sensor would stop working altogether ,drove home no temp on clocks ,popped to local shop 15 mins ago showing 90 degrees ..luckily the housing and thermostats on £60 I'm praying this fixes the problem but I assumed as it was unplugged it wouldn't work .. I'll fit these new parts and see how I get on ,,

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