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coatesy Mar 21, 2012

  1. coatesy

    coatesy poking badgers with spoons

    anybody tell me about this, i just found it in my cupboard it was in my a3 when i bought it (mods and admin's sorry if this should be posted some where else)

    its a Becker Traffic Pro High speed from what it says on the box it says its like a satnav/radio/cdplayer.

    id just like to know if they were any good or pricey iv never seen a satnav thing like this before, forgot i even had it until i pulled it out of the cupboard.

    at a guess the wires would be still in my car, i had a little flick through the installation book and there was a lot of cutting and reattaching of wires, also it says there's a gps antenna but iv never seen anything in the boot or on the dash to were it would be.

    here is a few pics.





    also these were in the box im guessing these are like map discs ...

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  2. BtownA3

    BtownA3 Member

    Im Sure AndyMac has rated the Becker gear before (I may be mistaken) - Im sure they look as near as OEM you can get for an aftermarket Head unit upgrade

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