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Teesside - Inverness route recommendations?

Andy_S3 Nov 13, 2008

  1. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    Hi all, im planning to go see my brother next week in Scotland. Im thinking of using the A66 over to the west, up to Glasgow, on to Fort William via Glen Coe and finally Inverness via Loch Ness. Ive done this trip a few times now and I was just wondering if anyone has some personal favourites in terms of roads that I could use to make the journey a bit different?

    Also when I get up there I intend on giving the S3 a good blast out round the northern Highlands so any good roads to visit while im up there that you can recommend would be much appreciated!

  2. auditek

    auditek Member

    the route your taking from ft william, nice enough, loch ness route up to skye not bad on a nice day. plenty roads north of inverness ok for a blast, head to tore roundabout and you can choose west to beauly and dingwall area, or north towards alness-tain-golspie, even thurso, not too amazing for a local, but probably nice change for a visitor, plenty b roads to thrash around on too, just as long as everyone uses the passing places. east of inverness the a96 corridor to aberdeen, 100 mile stretch, bit boring but coastal route from forres to burghead-elgin-buckie-peterhead then aberdeen, ok on a nice day, some dangerous bits though, all part of the fun......
  3. A4Chris

    A4Chris New Member

    If you're after a good drive rather than direct route (which you appear to be) then why not do:-

    A68 to Galashiels (watch out for Gatzos)
    A7 from Galashiels to A720 Edinburgh City Bypass (misses out a lot of Gatzos on the last bit of A68)
    M90 up to Perth (sorry - bit of motorway is unavoidable but does take in Forth Bridge!)
    A93 from Perth through Blairgowrie then over Glen Shee to Braemar (absolutely great bit of road!) and on to Ballater
    A939 through Cock Bridge, Tomintoul (another great bit of road) and on to Granton-on-Spey.
    Then cut out to A9 and 20 minutes will see you in Inverness

    Slightly long winded route but makes a change from Glen Coe and the Great Glen.

    Once up in Inverness good roads include;-

    'The Struie' (B9176) which cuts out a corner of the A9 from Alness to Bonar Bridge

    A great loop way up north is from Ullapool up to Inchnadamph then cut up over the hill road (A894) to Kylesku and follow this and then the A838 all the way up to Durness and around to Tongue. There are some slow singletrack sections but the miles and miles of fast sweepers across open moors make up for these sections (last section of bit between Dunrness and Tounge is fantastic!). Also the view looking south from the bridge across the Kyle of Tounge is absolutely amazing!


    P.S I grew up in Inverness and still go back quite frequently - hence my interest!
  4. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    That brilliant guys ill definitely look them routes up tonight and whack them into the Satnav if I can-cheers!
  5. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    This man speaks the truth!

    Here are a couple of other suggestions though:From Granton-on-spey, pick up the A939 to Nairn...then up the last bit of the A986 to Inverness. The A96 is ****...but the A939 is good.

    Also, from Teeside, head up the A697 avoiding the speed cameras, to Edinburgh, then the same bit of dull motorway to Perth.
  6. Shug1874

    Shug1874 Member

    Done with caution a great drive. Some of the road can catch you out where its sinking into the peat it was built on. Very bumpy.
    Fortunately there will be virtually no tourists about to get in the way just now, but post buses and courier vans. And be aware of folks driving along the middle of the road.
    And sheep.
    And deer. (especially at night. they swarm around the road at times)
  7. MintyS3

    MintyS3 Works 60% the time, Everytime.

    Hows sunny Fortrose? Im in Munlochy lol

    I love the road to Ullapool from Dingwall, just above Inverness. I try to do it atleast once a year and then stop off in Ullapool for a pint and some fish and chips!

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