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Technical specification request - 3K Compressor Wheels 2275 v 2280 v 2283

Uber-Technik Jun 16, 2013

  1. Uber-Technik

    Uber-Technik New Member


    I'm new here and wanted wanted to provide some background before the post, I have a background in modifying cars and the past four years has been spent on Audi's due to the fact that I drive a C5 RS6.

    The '6 has the following upgrades:

    - Custom free flowing exhaust turbo back.
    - Custom Mafless tune with 880cc injectors.
    - Custom intercoolers with free flowing cores.
    - Turbosmart DV's.
    - Upgraded Tip-Tronic valve body.

    After much research and pondering I have almost (99%) decided that the turbo upgrade I will go with will use the 2283 compressor, just for my own peace of mind and to satisfy my curiosity I just had some information which I have been unable to find so I thought I'd ask in one post which hopefully will be helpful to others in similar situations.

    The questions I have are:

    1.) Does anyone have the physical dimensions of the 2275 (RS6 Compressor) , 2280 and 2283 compressor?
    2.) Does anyone have the flow characteristics of the 2275, 2280 and 2283?
    3.) Can anyone confirm that the 2283 can and has been installed into the OEM RS6 compressor housings? These are the K04-028 & K04-029.
    4.) Has anyone installed upgraded actuators on the RS6 K04's in either standard (2275) or upgraded form (2280/2283)? If so what crack and open pressure did you use? I am planning to set mine to crack@1.0bar and open@1.5bar. The reason for this is on the RS6 the standard RS6 actuators are unable to hold anymore than 0.9 bar at redline and I wish to be able to hold at least 1.2bar but preferably 1.5bar using the 2283 compressor.

    I hope my aims are understandable and appreciate any more input that can assist me further.

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your help sourcing the information.
  2. vtraudt

    vtraudt New Member

    Ditto here; interested in dimensions and fit in RS6, RS5, K04-014 housings.

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