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Technical advice on transmission needed

lemine Jan 1, 2005

  1. lemine

    lemine New Member

    Hello all,
    Good site.
    I’ve just joined the forum and let me first apologize for the fact that what bought me here is that I’ve got some problems with my Audi and hope I might get some answers. I’ve had no luck with either Main dealers or gearbox specialists who only seem interested if they get the whole job.
    I bought my 1997 Audi A4 tdi (90) Avant a couple of years ago with 70 k on the clock.
    Just after the warranty had run out the gearbox packed up. After have no luck locating a suitably coded box I sent the car away to a firm away to a firm near Kilmarnock to have the box rebuilt and refitted to the car and collected it one and a half grand lighter.
    Now two months after the warranty has run out the bloody thing has gone again.
    I’ve taken the box out and found that one of the synco hubs has disintegrated but all appears ok apart from this.
    I have been given a box out of an tdi 80 which apart from the selectors and the drive shaft flanges appears to be the same. Only trouble is that the same sycro hub has disintegrated.
    My questions are;
    1 does it matter if the gearbox code is different if the box is out of a similar car?
    2 Other syncro hubs in the 80 box appear to be the same but have different number codes on them. Does this matter and what do the number codes stand for?
    3 What is the correct procedure for stripping the gears from the box? The broken hub is on the main shaft.
    I know this is a tall order but as I’ve said dealers aren’t helpful and I can’t get this info from them.
    Andy (timberman)

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