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TDi170 Chipping??

mickma3 Jun 21, 2008

  1. mickma3

    mickma3 New Member

    I ve got a A3 sportback 170 was wondering which chip to use ive some recommendations but ideally dont want to void my audi warrenty? can any body give me some feedback or tips?
  2. Evolve

    Evolve Member

    Hi Mickma3,

    You don't actually need to "chip" the car but just remap the existing ECU. This is just a "flash" of your current ECU and a new map is loaded on.
    Most Audi garages will not check to see if the ECU software is any different so wouldn't cause any problems, however wherever you get your remap from can easily revert the car back to standard if needed.

    We also can map the TDI 170 and you can see increases of 32bhp and 55nm torque, as well as increasing your fuel economy ;)

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