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ItsAllGood Oct 10, 2013

  1. ItsAllGood

    ItsAllGood Member

    So which engine is better of the Audi a6 4F (Avant)?
    I see in my country that 2.0 FSI is more expensive than the 2.0tdi. And I have seen 2.0TFSI at the same price range.
    Also there are tons of 2.0 TDI here at the same price.

    But I am not sure which to go for!

    I want torque, good MPG, engine that will not need to be fixed all the time etc. Chip-tuning is also available in my case. Which engine is better to chip/remap?

    here are the choices for my budget.

    2.0 FSI
    2.0 TFSI
    2.4 V6
    2.7 TDI
    2.0 TDI

    What would you choose? How much gain of HP and torque would I get from these engines?

    Thanks guys !

    And btw, what is the difference between non facelift and facelift? And what are the "Must" equipment for this car?
  2. viio

    viio Member Team V6 Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    I ultimately bought the 3.0 V6 TDI. Now that I'm driving it every day I couldn't recommend anything else.
  3. elan2s

    elan2s Active Member

    Here in the UK we did not get all of those options, just the 2.0TDi, 2.0TFSi and the 2.7TDi (of those you have listed). Facelift (MY09 cars) cars with the 2.0TDi engine have the Common Rail engine and this is much less problematic than the older PD engine which had a habit of blowing its turbo. There were 2 versions of the 2.0TDi CR engine offered one with 136PS and the other with 177PS. Here in the UK the 136PS version was badged TDie and optimised for economy (this is what I had). The CR engines continue today in the C7/4G chassis. Of douse more power would be once but the 2.0TDi in either guise is adequate, although the larger diesel engines are nearly as economical.

    Biggest difference between the pre and post facelift models, apart from the change in engine technology, is that the sat nav in the post facelift was up dated to what Audi refers to as 3G and was available either with a DVD based system (Navigation Low) or a Hard Disk based version which was Navigation Plus. Navigation Plus models can be identified by the small joy stick control in the MMI control knob. The other big change for the Avant versions is that the MMI unit was moved from the LH side of the boot to the glovebox. This was important because there are numerous case of Avant owners wrecking their MMI unit because the join in the tailgate washer hose had separated and drowned the MMI unit. There were also case of the hose separating under the floor and drenching the bluetooth phone module. This module was also moved the Audi Multimedia unit in the glovebox as part of the facelift

    If you can find one at the right price I would recommend the facelift version, especially if it is an Avant. If you go for a prefacelift Avant check that there s no sign of water in the LH side compartment in the boot area, and do this after you have checked the rear washer is working properly (give it a good long spray!!)

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