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TDI Turbo

Andy-R Nov 21, 2013

  1. Andy-R

    Andy-R Member

    Looks like the ghost noise is the turbo so just want some advice, if the turbo blows is the car still driveable albeit down on power? if the turbo blows is it better to replace like for like? have it re-conned? or upgrade to after market? Cheers.
  2. lynallbel

    lynallbel Active Member

    Depends what you mean by blown, if its on the verge of actually blowing I would replace asap as we are seeing a lot of trucks at work with turbo failure dumps all the oil into the cylinders bending at least one con rod, filling the cat with oil basically very big bill.
    It could just be an air leak on the pipework between the turbo and the manifold, but there was another poster recently and he could not find one but had similair noise
  3. SinghB7

    SinghB7 Active Member

    If you'r turbo goes then turn your engine off asap. If you keep driving then you will have to pay out for a new engine along with a turbo which will be ALOT more.
  4. lukey baby

    lukey baby Member

    As said above, if its going/gone get it replaced.

    Had a 2.0tdi golf in work earlier this year with the turbo gone, filled up his intercooler with oil which then picked up and smashed valves.
  5. Andy-R

    Andy-R Member

    Thanks, the problem is I don't know if it's on its way out or not it may be a split pipe that's causing the noise and can't really afford to get it investigated at the mo, fingers crossed its nothing serious.

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