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TDI Tuning Boxes

canham Feb 19, 2012

  1. canham

    canham Member

    Has anyone here got one of these at the moment , or had one? A colleague at work had one on his Diesel Astra for a few years with no problems. Just looking for any reviews from people on here, who have had them, not just hearsay!
  2. Charlie Ford

    Charlie Ford Member

    Speak to ABYSS he owns DTUK who are also a site sponsor
  3. plezz

    plezz Member

    does anyone one if anyone on here has done any testing or reviews on these boxes? I've read some good reviews on them on other sites, but havent heard of anyone on this forum actually owning one. I'm interested to see how different the pedal box is to the engine bay box.
  4. ABYSS

    ABYSS Andrew - Diesel Tuning UK Site Sponsor Black Edition S3 Saloon Team Ara Blue

    The pedal box can be used on its own, or with a remap/tuning box.

    In the case of the 1.6TDI, my personal feelings are that the pedal box is the best option as it utilises the power you have and doesnt involving any "tuning" of the engine which is causing most tuners issues,
  5. Paul76R

    Paul76R Member

    I fitted a TDi Tuning box on my 2.0 pd140 in November, so far so problems. Made a big difference in MPG on a decent trip and def noticably more torque.
  6. plezz

    plezz Member

    Hi Abyss, when you say tuners issues, do you know what kind of issues they are having? i heard the tuning boxes can get the TDI up to about 130-135bhp is this not the case in reality? or do they run rough etc? And i can't imagine the pedal box being able to achieve something similar, gains wise.

    unfortunately funds are limited at the moment, and i'd rather get cruise control installed first. So i'm really doing some research for the future. i should be more swayed by the pedal box as its what you would recommend and its cheaper. i think i just like the idea that the chip connects under the bonnet, where the good stuff happens - so i associate that with somehow being superior to just a 'modified pedal' to the untrained eye.
  7. Graham89

    Graham89 Derv Perv

    I've got a dtuk box on my 2.0 TDI BKD engine. Been on since June last year. No problems and big power increase for the money. Better mpg too on a normal drive.

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