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TDI Tuned owners - info/feedback

Layerz Oct 10, 2007

  1. Layerz

    Layerz Member

    Guys, I am looking for some info and feedback on your AFN tdi's and more specifically mods that you have carried out and the difference they have made.

    I have an afn110 engine and have got a chip and larger nozzles and both improved torque and bhp but not as much as I would of liked.
    I know the next stage is a vnt17b turbo and fmic with a proper remap, but I am interested as to what mods you guys here have made and how they changed the cars drivability.

    This sorta leads on to do I get a 1.8t or 2.8 next year, but if I can ramp the tdi upto 170/180 bhp without needinig to go nuts I would not mind keeping it as alot of other bits have been changed and worked on.

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