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tdi Smoky since remap - any thoughts?

imported_CurryMilkShake May 30, 2005

  1. When I had my remap done I noticed that it was more smoky under acceleration, seemed fine when cruising..

    However, 5000+ miles or so on, it seems to be getting worse.. many comments from people who've been following me, which I'm not surprised at - yes I left the behind, but I left them coughing and choking in my wake! have had some friends staying this weekend with a three series that couldnt keep up at all.. but they took the rip loads about my 'smokescreen function'!

    at first I only noticed it at night, when I could see the smoke in their headights, but i'm noticing it more in the daytime now..

    Have kept an eye on other diesels, especially joining the motorway hard, and I dont see anything like the same degree from other motors..

    So - I suspect something not quite right. It is not, however, using any oil.. havent needed to top it up since before the remap.. performance is unaffected.. everything feels exactly as it should.. its just getting embarrassing with the smoke!

    Any ideas chaps?? Car has only done 26,000 now, and is not quite a year old. Had first service at 15,500 or so, (I think) not due another for a little while.. ta!
  2. imported_hookie

    imported_hookie Guest

    It does sound like it's over fuelling slightly under certain conditions IMO
  3. Thanks Hookie -

    Have just spoken to Ed at AMD - really, really helpful response, he agrees with what you've said, and its booked back into them on the 24th (earliest I can do!) for them to test and resolve if possible!
  4. mine does the same, too get more power from a diesel all you need too do is squirt more fuel in, a remap mainly affects the fuelling and a little bit of boost, during normal driving you wont notice much more smoke, as soon as you plant your foot a /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/swear.gif load more fuel is pumped in.

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