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TDI remap (DNA Remaps)

Mr K Mar 11, 2008

  1. Mr K

    Mr K Member

    im thinking about a remap for my A4 1.9TDI, i like the idea of the DNA map as the guy seems to know his stuff, its not too expensive, and i have heard good things. but i have a couple of questions:

    1. they claim a 35hp gain and a substantial gain in torque, taking it to a claimed 145hp. but what will this actually go like? can i expect simular performance to a 1.8T 150hp? which has less torque but 5 more hp? or are we talking high 9s 0-60 etc. wondering what to expect.

    2. will it hurl tons of black smoke out? i know it makes them smoke more, but dont want it too smoke too much!

    3. anyone here got a dna map? on any audi/engine? what where your experiances with them?

    4. What else is likly to let go? the clutch is obviously more likly to let go sonner if there are any problems with it, which isnt a problem, but should i replace / upgrade anything else in readyness?


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