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TDI Reliability

heyadamhey Jul 7, 2009

  1. heyadamhey

    heyadamhey Member VCDS Map User

    Hey guys,
    my warranty has just expired and I was told yesterday by Audi that they "can't" extend a warranty once it has expired.
    So my question is how much of a risk is it to drive around without a motorplan?
    I don't drive like a maniac, so I don't myself blowing a turbo due to my driving style, but is it safe to drive for another 30 000km (+- 18 000mi) without worrying about any impending repair bills?

    I considered trading it in on a "pre-owned" model that still has a decent chunk of the motorplan left, but I'd rather save the extra money if I can.

  2. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    iv never had any such plan, so i dont worry about it, if you cant afford the repair bills then you cant afford the car,
  3. heyadamhey

    heyadamhey Member VCDS Map User

    not necessarily - who has money lying around for a turbo replacement?
    Even if you do, who wants to have to fork out that much on a repair?

    my question was about the reliability, not whether i can afford it. I'm just trying to make a sensible decision...
  4. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    If you look after it properly, you should have no probs at all but like everything there are no guarantees. My mate had a petrol 1.8t with 156.000 mls on the clock, he never had to spend a penny on it and it still drove almost like new. My A4 has 85000 mls and so far (touch wood) has never missed a beat. In my opinion warranties (unless you pay a fortune for them) are not normally worth the money, they always screw you in the small print. The money you will lose on selling yours and then paying a premium for a "new" car should easily cover the cost of any repairs. Hope this helps.
  5. heyadamhey

    heyadamhey Member VCDS Map User

    cheers mate. that's the type of thing i was hoping to hear. I wasn't considering "new" really, more newER :) like an '06 possibly SB, possibly TFSI

    I would still take a knock trading mine in, but my logic was if you can pre-empt the expense and then spread it out over slightly higher repayments, rather than get a sudden un-expected expense of a repair bill.
    Actually got one this morning - my radiator fan wouldn't turn off and it's now being replaced.
  6. Indie_DSG

    Indie_DSG Member

    Stick with what you have...
    TDi's are almost bullet proof!

    I had a Ford Mondeo I drove like a crack whore looking for her next hit! Lasted 4 yrs before I had any trouble, only then it was a new belt that needed replacing out of choice!

    When it come to Audi TDi's as long as you look after it, they will go for miles!

    Like Rowdyboy says, plans always screw you on the small print, never worth a penny.
    Take the Unlimited Warranty I was offered on my TT, small print included more exclusions than benefits!

    Plus no matter what you cover, once you pop that bonnet and take a spanner to it the warranty is null and void instantly.

    Spend the difference on good parts when needed and not euro replacement ****!
  7. heyadamhey

    heyadamhey Member VCDS Map User

    That's what I like to hear :) Thanks Indie

    Decided to keep it for a while. I did like the idea of a bit of an upgrade, but would've been burned badly on the trade in...

    also means I can do wahtever mods I want and not worry about warranty issues :eyebrows:
  8. dunk

    dunk Member

    the basic tdi is strong, its the turbo itself and possibly clutch are the only things likely to go. a tdi turbo could last 150k or 5k like mine....but a turbo rebuild and refit will cost about 800 or so

    on your to do you mention fmic - dont do it on an a3, the pd140 has a great intercooler already and its a complete waste of money unless you are running a 300hp hybrid turbo
  9. heyadamhey

    heyadamhey Member VCDS Map User

    Thanks dunk.
    Yeah, I was planning on doing it 'cause I had seen adverts claiming big power gains, but after chatting to some of the guys here, I got the same info as what you just said. so that's actually off the list (must update my sig:salute: )
    First thing I'm gonna do is a remap. Enjoy that for a while, then Eibachs, then...:meeting:

    A mechanic mate of mine actually said a similar thing - that your turbo can go at any time really - doesn't depend on how you drive. To an extent obviously...

    cheers mate
  10. dubplate Dan

    dubplate Dan swirl buster

    as said above, look after it and you will be fine, keep your oil changes regular and change the belts when needed and your problems should be limited.
  11. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Its like anything really, if you have the basic mechanical/car knowledge then are many simple things you can do without paying the stealers.:yes:

    Check all your fluids, coolant, oil, brake fluid, power sterring fluid etc regularly.

    Check your tyre pressures, tread condition regularly.

    Check your pads, discs and other wear and tear items regularly.

    Also keep your air box, air filters clean and dont forget to clean the intercoolers at the front and remove all debrie such as leaves etc.

    Also bushes, cambelt, check all bulbs and electrics work ok too.

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