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TDi pd 150 tuning box

SteveGi Feb 2, 2004

  1. SteveGi

    SteveGi New Member

    Have got a Psi motorsport tuning box for Tdi150 in the garage from my old Bora, could be bargain for some one, will give you 180 bhp andbetter economy if used sensibly, easy tofit/remove for servicing etc.. £350new, best offer over £100 or it will be buried under rubbish in garage. Will fit Golf/Bora or new seat Toledo/Leon 150's
  2. Lewigie

    Lewigie New Member

    Might be interested as I pick up my 150TDi Golf next week. I'm from Kingston-upon-Thames, email me as per profile if I'm local.

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