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TDI *[manual] Quattro* owners: Questions regarding consumption

FactionOne Nov 21, 2011

  1. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hi All,

    As per subject, I'm just wondering if you could help me get an idea of what is realistic to expect in terms of consumption (rate of fuel burn, not Tuberculosis) from your B7 TDI [manual] Quattros. I know there are existing threads about fuel consumption, but I'm looking at fairly specific specs. Just to be clear, this doesn't mean I don't love you FWD and Automagic guys, but I'm specifically looking for details about vehicles with manual gearboxes and Quattro four-wheel drive.

    I imagine it would be very unscientific for me to give you an example of variation in driving style over a tank, and ask you to suggest how far you think I'd get, but for the record I'd split my distance-travelled something like this:

    20% - Peripheries of town. Generally making a steady 30mph, gentle acceleration and holding back from red lights.
    30% - Out of town and taking it easy. A & B roads, making 40-60mph according to the limit and as above, avoiding heavy acceleration.
    40% - Steady speed on the Motorway - generally ~75mph (I'll crack 70, but rarely significantly enough to 'get done').
    10% - Driving it like a Quattro. AT LEAST one cog lower than I normally would be, foot in the carpet, testicles out the window.

    As above, I realise estimates on that will be exactly that - estimates (unless you drive exactly the same way), but if you're confident of your estimate, I'm sure they're in some way helpful.

    Most helpful though, would be an outline of your own driving style, and an idea of what figures you return (either in average-MPG over a tank, or cost to fill vs. miles travelled); of course your vehicle details will also be fairly crucial: Engine configuration (displacement / horsepower (or even chipped/unchipped)), and whether you're in a saloon or avant. Once again, I'd prefer information on cars equipped with manual gearboxes and Quattro only.

    Many thanks for your help,

  2. SebRogers

    SebRogers Member

    Your driving style and breakdown of distance travelled sounds very similar to mine, on the whole. My B7 2.0 pd 170 quattro Avant (no remap, manual, completely stock) generally gets me 550 miles between fill-ups, which works out to very close to a real 40mpg. If there's more motorway in a particular tankful I'll edge towards 600 miles; if there's more town and A and B roads I've seen as low as 36mpg from a tank.

    I always measure brim to brim and work it out from there. Interestingly, my DIS is pretty close to bob-on. For the past 7000 miles it's currently displaying an average of 38.9mpg, which is well within 1mpg of being right by my calculations.

    HTH :D
  3. slepy

    slepy Extremely smart and handsome person. VCDS Map User

    A4 2.0 TDI 170quattro - motorway 70-80mph average 41mpg
    town 30-35 depending on mood
  4. marky67

    marky67 Member

    2007 2.0 TDI 170 Quattro Manual saloon (standard... not chipped)
    80% motorway (ave speed on motorway 85-90)
    10% urban (30-40)
    10% hoofing it!! on country lanes (which I love.... but drinks the fuel)
    Average tank to tank from last 5 fill ups is 36.5mpg
  5. daled

    daled New Member

    November 2007 2.0TDi quattro Manual Saloon (not chipped or remapped).

    I don't know whether it makes a massive difference but it's an S Line with 235/40 18" wheels as well

    I usually get approx 500-530 miles to a tank (brimmed) based on 60% Motorway and 40% A & B roads

    I'm happy with that as I am more concerned about enjoying the car than MPG per se.

    Hope it helps
  6. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks for your replies folks.

    As you might've guessed I'm looking at returning to the art of oil-burning (well, I'm technically doing that atm but that's more down to a rocker-cover gasket made of Edam). I've enjoyed the petrol, but having to go to the filling station every 320 miles has become a bit of a chore.

    I'm actually lusting (well, maybe not quite that) after a B6 (always had a soft spot for them), but my sensible side is telling me to look seriously at B7's too. I'll be honest, the behaviour you're describing from the 170 Quattros is more than a bit tempting.

    I wonder what difference there is with a 3.0L? I'm quite curious (not sure about buying into V6-maintenance though), and I don't trust book figures in the slightest.

    Thanks again for your help,


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