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TDI Clutch Problem....

Discussion in 'A4/S4 forum(B5 Chassis)' started by Bigman, May 27, 2008.

  1. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!

    Mar 28, 2007
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    Right, Yesterday i drove back up to coventry from cornwall and got stuck in the expected bank holiday traffic (nose to tail, sationary/very slow) about 30miles from home (in cornwall) next thing i know my clutch pedal seems to be doing nothing, it still felt fine but was not disengaging the clutch, i pulled over and the RAC came out, when he arrived we started the car and all seemed to be ok again but as a precautionary he towed me through the queue onto a clear alternative route where i folowed him, after around 15-20 miles everything seemed fine so i carried on my way, stopped in a service station, got caught in slow moving (not stationary) traffic and made it all the way back up to coventry where 300yds from my drive it happened again and could not get it into gear again, fortunatly i coasted down the road and intoo the drive.

    I am not 100% sure what could have caused this, i have an idea that it could be a cylinder leaking when the oil gets hot meaning it is not fully disengaging the clutch, other than that i am not realy sure....

    I have taken it to a garage but would like some advice away from there so i know what to make of what they tell me.


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  3. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    Apr 26, 2004
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    It is probably the slave cylinder, i am suprised the breakdown guy didnt take a peak and advise you as such

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