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TDI AVANT - which model for the best MPG

mystic.bertie Feb 23, 2008

  1. mystic.bertie

    mystic.bertie Member

    noobi alert :salute:

    i am considering an audi a4 or a6 avant, looking to spend £2000 ish, my main priority is good mpg, i do like a bit of performance but the roads ill be driving to work i wont get the opurtunity to drive it enthusiastically so ill go for the one with best mpg.

    I know the a4 is most popular, i think i would prefer an a6 as i like the bigger motors, i would go for an a4 for the right reasons and is its better mpg than the a6.

    what year and bhp models are recommended for more mpg in a4 and a6 on the 1.9tdi and 2.5 tdi, i read some models reach 50 mpg and this would do for me. what mpg can be achieved with each engine ?

    a saloon aint practical for me and theres no hatch version so ill be after an avant.
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1.9TDi for MPG, 50mpg cruising, the V6 only gets mid 30's
  3. olds_kool

    olds_kool Active Member VCDS Map User

    my 2.5tdi has worse mpg on short runs than my remapped 1.8t, more expensive if it goes wrong, and noisy but still running ok with 210,000 on the clock, wouldnt recommend one unless its mainly for motorway use
  4. mystic.bertie

    mystic.bertie Member

    thanks for the replies guys so seems like the 1.9 tdi is the one i should go for then, does it make much difference between the different bhp versions of the 1.9tdi or will my budget dictate what engine i will get for my money

    i will be doing many motorway mile but also doing a fair bit of town driving so i want soething thats great around town and cruising.

    i dont know if if if people are lying but seen a few 2.5 tdi claiming high mpg

    is there much difference between the 14 and a6 on the 1.9tdi ?
  5. stapo69

    stapo69 All hail the mighty quattro!

    Only difference between the a4 and a6 would be weight i'd say, same engine. 1.9 def better for MPG, strangely even better if you remap em, and more cheap power and torque too, definately worth doin it.
  6. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    If you do go for an A4, I'd recommend going for the 110 bhp red 'i' version rather than the 90bhp models; in standard form the 110 isn't exactly a ball of fire , imagine what the 90 must be like........
    My own Avant is a 110 bhp fitted with a tuning box and I get 46-49 mpg in overall mixed driving (urban and some motorway journeys), I don't tend to hang around so reckon the consumption is pretty good. On long motorway journeys keeping a steady 70-75mph consumption improves to 50-53 mpg.
    I've always understood the V6 TDI to be quite thirsty in comparison to the 4 cylinder models, often struggling to reach 40 mpg.......
  7. denzelburner

    denzelburner Member

    I'm getting 38mpg around country roads, with lots of gear changes, and higher on motorway miles, so it's not too bad for the size of engine. I got the bigger engine mainly for boat towing, and it is realy good for that, although now looking for an upgraded clutch amd to get it chipped :happy:
  8. Bigman

    Bigman Cornish and Proud!

    Thats fairly similar to what i get out of my re-mapped 1.9tdi (originaly 110bhp now 146) if not slightly better, mixed driving i would say between 45 - 48 and motorways from 46 - 52 motorways driving i now tend to sit around the 75-80 mark and high fortys and low fifteys is what i usualy get. These figures are fairly similar to what it was before the re-map so i am reasonably happy, and the car is ALOT better to drive.


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