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TDI 80 SE .........

daveqwerty Nov 8, 2004

  1. daveqwerty

    daveqwerty New Member

    hi guys
    another newb here.
    WOW.. a former ford,vauxhall,and merc owner (all petrol), iv`e just got a 94 80 SE TDI (with an A4 donkey in it 70,000 miles), what can i say V fast for a diesel IMO. getting around 45/50 to the gallon. and as i say (smack me down) i cant get over the the power of this thing.
    it`s in mint condition, i got it off a mate who put the new donkey in it, i got it for 1,150 pounds (is this a fair price)
    the only thing so far the windows and sun roof choose when they want to work..........

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