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TDI 170 mostly white smoke and bit of blue at idle, clears when revved

swanbon Oct 5, 2012

  1. swanbon

    swanbon New Member

    Hi, new to the forum and unfortunately straight in there with a problem.

    Just bought the car and it has immediately developed a smoking issue. It doesnt missfire, runs smooth, after 20 seconds of idling it begins to chug white smoke (turbo seals) which sometimes has a tinge of blue (other side of the turbo). Its not massively heavy, where it fills the street but its still a fair bit. When driving the car there is no smoke until hard acceleration and that is black smoke (boost leak/over fueling?). No lights on the dash.

    Now I pulled the airbox out, to check the condition of the airfilter (which needs replacing) and decided to remove the top boost pipe into the intercooler. It seemed to have quite a bit of oil in it, same with the boost pipe connected to the inlet manifold. Its had the injector recall and so im thinking the turbo seals have gone. Car has done 110k and I believe the turbo is original. Ive had petrol turbo cars and at worst they have had a slight mist in the boost pipes, these have substantially more.

    Is it safe to assume the worst in that the turbo needs a recon? And before it kills the dpf.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. ukdan

    ukdan Member

    Mine was doing this but it's the 140bhp version.
    I would change the turbo asap as mine failed catastrophically and spat bits of metal all the way down to the intercooler.
    I'm lucky none has got to the engine. I think the pool of oil at the bottom of the intercooler trapped all the bits.
    Now I have to strip the front end down to clear it out.
  3. swanbon

    swanbon New Member

    Hmmm, thought as much.

    One thing I have noticed too is that the oil cap doesnt seem to seal very well. Excessive blow by? Or blocked breathers?

    I remember a while back a friend put a oil catch can on his starlet but plumbed it in so that it basically sealed the engine, instead of letting it breathe. This made his car smoke at idle due to the oil pressure pushing oil pass the turbo seals. Once I'd plumbed it in correctly, it stopped. Do these engines have issues with blocking breathers?

    And thanks for the reply.


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