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TDI 170, Exhaust fumes coming through heater-resolved.

A19quattro Dec 2, 2013

  1. A19quattro

    A19quattro Active Member

    I never made a post about this but my Wife's 170 has had an exhaust fumes smell since we got it over a year ago.
    I did various searches on here and other forums and got loads of ideas what it might be. We were fairly sure it was exhaust fumes and it was coming though the heater but checking under the bonnet came up with nothing in particular that could be causing it. I had the under tray off and the exhaust and all pipes seemed fine, tried semi blocking the tail pipes to see if anything would come out towards the front but nothing.
    I read that the underside of the bonnet needed to seal to the bulkhead/inner wings, cleanerdall the seals,no rips of tears etc, changed the pollen filter, nothing.
    She was at the point of being so sick of it she was taking about trading it in, then I was on her doing my usual luinchtime browse at work and I was looking at pictures of Jardo's new A3 TDI, when suddenly it hit me, he has a seal all the way round the inner wings and our's stopped about 10 inches short at each side. I checked some other pictures and another car and sure enough our seal was short (WHY would anyone cut it or is it the wrong seal, probably never know?) anyway I got a bit of seal from a scrappies (Passat seems the same) and jointed it in - NO fumes :)
    Will buy a new seal now as it's obviously worth it, can't completely give Jardo credit but cheers mate anyway :)
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  2. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Good you got it fixed - those seals do the job of protecting the air intake for the cabin as you've found! But I'd still be inclined to double check if there is a leak somewhere in the engine bay/exhaust as in theory there should be any fumes smell from here asuuming nothing is leaking.
  3. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Good spot! I hope it works.

    I'm so glad my detailed pictures have helped someone :)

    All the best.
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  4. T3nnant

    T3nnant Active Member

    can I be a pain and ask what seals you are talking about here? I had the same problem the other night, I could smell like a warm oil fume smell, and I had to open all windows in the end!
  5. A19quattro

    A19quattro Active Member

    The seals are the ones that go round the engine bay and seal the area when the bonnet is closed down onto them. There should be one across the bulkhead panel, with 2 foam blocks that is sits against, attached to the inner wings. Then one longer one that goes from the foam block at one side, all the way round the bay to the other foam block at the other side. It is this one that was about 10" short at both sides on mine )or 20" short in total, depending on how you look at it) allowing the fumes to come out and presumably up the inner wings above the seals and in the heater intake, under the windscreen.
    Totally agree with what C_W says above, there really shoudn't be that much fumes in the bay in the first place but there are a number of people that have had this problem and I couldn't find any leaks, will keep looking though :)
  6. MA3TDIQ

    MA3TDIQ Member

    I'm getting exactly the same problem-exhaust fumes in cockpit through the ventilation system-I'm also convinced it's the seals.

    In my case-the foam blocks seem quite loose! Is there any way to fix them? Or get them replaced? Cheers!

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