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TDI 170 Decat downpipe where to get from?

RedDejavu Sep 20, 2011

  1. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    Sorry if its been posted already. Hope you understand:]

    I'm looking to get my car decated but not sure where to get downpipe from. Any ideas? My car is 07 TDI 170 and I find decat downpipe only for the lesser 140 engine and it clearly wont fit 170 as the exhaust is completely different to my knowledge. I got dpf removed using milltek dpf removal pipe fitted by JBS and now i would need to get something that easily fit in place of cat without too much hassle and allows me to fit it back in future. Dont really want to cut out the cat unless its possible to revert all back in case I wont be satisfied with the result.


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