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TDi 170 Cut out

LCR225 Sep 11, 2012

  1. LCR225

    LCR225 New Member

    Hello - Owned my 2006 TDi S Line for a month now. All going well and loving it. Noticed now and then when starting from cold, it beeps and displays a message on the dash but was so quick I couldn't read it, yesterday caught it and it said 'ESP Fault'. Car drives fine. I have noticed that sometimes in the morning it starts with a bit of a bang, not the normal smooth start from warm. It makes the car jolt when it goes, sometimes it needs a second go to start as it doesn't catch. Is this battery?

    Tonight, driving out of my estate (around 20MPH), the car cut out and just showed the battery warning icon on the dash. Stopped, turned off and tried starting and it burst into life as if nothing happened.

    Any help would be grand!
  2. paultaylor

    paultaylor Member

    I have similar problems on 2007 170 dsg.

    I was told at last service that battery was weak, I hope it's just that

    SWILKO Member

    Guys, already a recent thread on this, sorry, cant cut and paste it!

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