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TDI 140 PD turbo

qennu Oct 19, 2010

  1. qennu

    qennu Member

    Hello I am going to remap my audi 2007 TDI 140 PD.The mapper said that the engine is very strong but the turbo isin't.He said that its limits are 175bhp and so on the limit with the remap.Anybody hadd issues with the turbo after remap ?

    Also he suggested the turbo from a 170bhp adi a3 and said with the remap it will see 200bhp easy and the turbo will be safe.He also said not to go for a hybrid turbo.

    what do you guys think as I am now confused.I dont wih to change the turbo for more I am afraid of other issues : clutch,drive shaft,gear box,mountings etc etc (dont know what's wea but just my thoughts).I do like to have some more power wit a simple remap but dont like the turo going pop and destroying my engine.

  2. ryanstewart9

    ryanstewart9 Member

    I've read on here the real weak point is the standard clutch if you remap.
  3. DSG TDI

    DSG TDI Member

    I got a pd 140 2004 on 110,000 miles had the remap for about 15,000 miles and ive had no problems but mine is a dsg. However still havent had any problems with my turbo and ive got a revo re-map And was told mine should now be 175 bhp
  4. qennu

    qennu Member

    I've heard of clutches and flywheel failures with even standard power.But I was told that 140pd and 170 pd shares the same clutch so I think my clutch will be ok for now,bu def on the shopping list.
  5. i was told the turbos are the shitty part of the bkd engines although the engine itself is strong. my turbo was on the way out ( i didnt know this) when i had my remap done and the next day it went kaput as well as taking the intercooler with it. the guys at awesome said 'quote' they have never seen a turbo destroy itself so badly. so the remap put the final nail on the coffin of the turbo. mine is being replaced with one directly from garrett which ive been told is a stronger replacement with better stronger internals of the oem ones in the bkd engines as its not been 'bulk made' for audi. id check that your turbo has no cracks in it and is working how it should be by the people who you get the remap off before getting the word go. however there is no reason for me to put you off a remap. if you get the right one it will be fantastic and totally transforms the car imo. the extra power and torque is brilliant.
  6. qennu

    qennu Member

    The mapper seems to know his job quite well and I am trusting him completly.I knew turbos are a weak point in BKD engines just wanted to confirm and check if people had turbo issue after the remap.

    Anybody can suggest the 170 bhp turbo ?
  7. micasb

    micasb Member

    With the time and money you'l waste applying the PPd170 turbo you'de better consider other options like GTB1756VK/GTB2056VK or for more power the fantastic GTB2260VK.
    Also one thing, remap is a killer for stock clutch...
  8. ~RS~

    ~RS~ Active Member

    When you guys say that remaps are known for killing clutches do you refer to DSG or manual clutches?
  9. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    Manual me thinks
  10. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Site Sponsor Regional Rep Gold Supporter Team Brill Red Audi A3

    standard turbo's are always a weak point if you up the power with a remap aswell as clutch's more power = more strain on the components, listen to the tuner they are the pro's they do this thing all day everyday not sure about a 170 turbo but if it does go bang then as micasb suggested get an upgraded turbo
  11. dunk

    dunk Member

    the pd140 turbo can go apparently at random from 3k to 300k, with or without a remap! although a remap will likely speed up its demise if something is going wrong. the oil lines often get slightly crudded up, and the variable nozzle vanes get sticky, resulting in a degree of overboosting causing turbo overheating and premature failure.

    standard remaps usually run about 175-180hp and these shoulnt present too much problem to the turbo or clutch. maxed out you could get about 200hp from the standard 140 turbo but it wont last long - its quite a bit of fun if you were on your way to a hybrid anyway and didnt care if the turbo died soon...

    the 170 turbo isnt much stronger or bigger - a lot of the hp gain is due to different injector system and fuel combustion being more efficient rather than more air/fuel from a bigger turbo so its not worth fitting as a 140 upgrade.

    a hybrid turbo is more efficient and also bolt-on so dont need any custom manifold/exhaust/pipework, these can happily do 220-240hp all day and dont cost a lot more that a new oem turbo, but a manual clutch wont last long with the 360lb/ft or more from a hybrid turbo. the dsg gearbox will easily cope with 360-380lb/ft from a hybrid turbo and custom remap
  12. Iain 750

    Iain 750 Member

    I am now looking at getting my 2005 2.0 tdi remapped and this is a lot of help thanks!

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