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TDI 140 Or 170

K.A Sep 11, 2013

  1. K.A

    K.A Member

    Hi Guys

    My friend is hunting for a 09 plate Manual Audi A3 in diesel but hes unsure about which one to get the 140 or the 170.

    Can someone please advise me on which one should he get

    What are the common problems/faults on either of them?

    What should we look out on the day of purchase?

    What should be done to avoid the DPF problem?

    Thank you
  2. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team V8 Audi RS4 Audi Avant Owner Group s tronic

    The CR170 is the one thats prone to DPF problems and being an 09 its slap bang on the time scale for going from PD to CR engines. They are both good performing engines and both respond well after remapping. The 140 had a problem with oil pump splined shafts but only specific engine codes were affected. Comprehensive read below about it


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