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tdi 140 brake upgrade?

welshd1k Mar 7, 2014

  1. welshd1k

    welshd1k Member

    looking to swap out to the bigger brakes after setting my front brakes on fire after a 6 am call from a family member scramming in pain... and a very heavy right foot (16 mins to do 20 miles .... on B roads ...) I got to the house my car was smoking from all 4 corners and my front brakes where literally glowing ... only ahd the car a month or so now . the backs need new pads and disks soon and im thinking of swapping the front out for 312mm . next question as far as I can read the PADS are the same and the calipers , the disks are different and the carriers??

    what would I need for the conversion new disks and carriers?

    also brake brands better going OEM or for brembo / mintex or ebc? I normally drive at a ok pace not a sow driver if im honest so something that wont fade to fast and are the backs worth upgrading to the larger size also ?? and vented or not?
  2. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    I'm very interested in this too. I'm assuming doing a carrier and caliper swap from an S3 is the simplest thing on the A3?

    Vented all round would be best for keeping heat down and then a decent brake fluid and pad all round.
  3. Muzzcuzz

    Muzzcuzz Member


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