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TDI 130 A4 Singlemass flywheel and gearbox failures?

Adeyspec Sep 22, 2013

  1. Adeyspec

    Adeyspec New Member

    been pointed over here for info on my derv burner by niki at R-Tech. Ive heard a few times that switching to a single mass on the 1.9tdi 5 speed a4 can rip the syncros to pieces? How many people have actually had this happen? i dont mind extra chatter at idle and take off but looking for something to take a little more power than the stock dual mass. mine is about 5k old and the clutch holds great but i get dual mass shudder at the mo and it will probably get worse as the car has a map on. Looking for genuine issues not my friends friends dogs cars gearbox fell to pieces afterwards lol

    thanks in advance
  2. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I am losing fourth gear on my A3 6 speed 130 tdi with single mass if thats any help. 40k miles on the clutch, 100ish on the car. Fourth is hard to go in for some reason unless i push down on the stick almost like the reverse down to get into 4th if that makes sense. No crunching and no other noises, so not fussed atm as it could be a sloppy cable or bush.
  3. Adeyspec

    Adeyspec New Member

    Cheers, I was told it was specific to the 5 speed in the a4.
  4. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    single mass on a 5 speed 01a box here, apart from pre existing sticky 2nd it's the same as it always was with extra power added
  5. Adeyspec

    Adeyspec New Member

    Excellent, what single mass setup are you using?
  6. Mollygoogle

    Mollygoogle Member

    I haven't done the conversion on my 5spd A4 but have on my 5spd Golf using the Valeo kit that the mechanic said used a new type of spring loaded clutch to compensate for the removal of the dual mass system. The Golf is smoother than it has ever been with this clutch and SMF fitted
  7. Adeyspec

    Adeyspec New Member

    found the valeo kit listed, but unsure if it comes with a clutch and what its rated too, for obvious reasons i dont want it to handle less torque than my current one
  8. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    a lot of the new valeo single mass kits come with an extra long throw to compensate for the removal of the dual mass
    i have one fitted to my seat leon and its lovely and smooth

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