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TDi 115 PD auto boost issue / limp?

martin_addlestone Mar 9, 2013

  1. Hi Guys - sorry I've been a bit quiet lately, I'm embarrassed to say that in addition to being busy at work a my attention has been taken by my recently purchased Mercedes (funded with the sale of my lovely A4 1.8 SE) :3sadwalk:

    So, as some of you will know I also recently bought my wife an A4 Avant with the 115 PD diesel engine coupled to a 5 speed tiptronic box which to date has had:

    Stat and temp sender (which many of you correctly told me was a waste of cash) - this fixed the not heating up issue, now she gets nice and warm
    4 new tyres
    Oil, Air and fuel filters (and of course oil)
    All codes reset on a VAGCOM
    Manifold pressure sensor (either this or the VAGCOM reset cured a very strange cold starting issues the car had)

    However, and her is the main reason for the post, she appears to have stopped boosting. At first she was boosting as and when she felt like it, worse as she warmed up and if pushing her a bit harder, she simply stopped boasting and felt like an old non-turbo diesel (quite scary in a big auto when pulling out at a roundabout or onto a motorway.) Turning her off and on again would cure her for a while but now she just seems to have given up completely (not sure if that is limp mode or what).

    I'm going to try and get her booked into the Audi independent in the village but thought I would post on here in the meantime for any suggestions as to what I could try (I have a horrid feeling that the result is going to be the need to change the Turbo:sob: )

    she still starts first time every time, gearbox works OK but not changing quite as swiftly as before and drives fine, just slowly!

    Could anything like MAF, EGR,vacuum pipes, blocked CAT etc cause this (and should they not have shown up on the VAGcom?)

    Thanks guys
  2. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Sounds like Turbo vanes sticking, search for innotec turbo cleaner /mr Muscle clean in FAQ`s.
  3. Will do - thanks

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