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TBCV (Turbo Boost Control Valve) and Wastegate

bham a3 Apr 11, 2008

  1. bham a3

    bham a3 New Member

    I placed a thread about power loss on a Audi A3 1.9 Tdi 2001. In the case that in the morning or on a cold start there is no boost. with this I then took it round to a RAC man, which ran a Diagnostic on the car and it came up with the fault that the TBCV (Turbo Boost Control Valve) was out side parameters and to look at the wate gate. With this I then took it to audi to get it changed were they said that I need another Diagnostic for £100 were they only use the same software as RAC. Because Audi provide RAC with there software for on the road. Audi wanted to charge £100 and hour labour after for any work they would have to do on my car.

    So I have now brought a Hynes manual and looked up to find that you can change the TBCV and wastegate. But you have to buy the TBCV with the turbo from what I says. does anybody have an idea on how easy it is to change the TBCV, were to get one from and how easy it is to change the wastegate and were to get one from.

    If nobody has any answer's, has anybody came across this problem before, how did they overcome the problem and if so were did they get it done bare going to Audi. Does anybody know of any good garage that would sort this out within the West midland birmingham?

    I would be greatfull for any advise so I can sort this issue because I is starting to really do my hesad in lol lol lol

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