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audi_partner Jul 17, 2007

  1. audi_partner

    audi_partner Member VCDS Map User


    i'm new to Audi ownership, just bought a 1994 Audi 80 Sport SE 2.0 8v. I have a few probs with this at the moment, the engine rattles, as if the tappets are rattling, is this a major thing wrong wiv it? how easy to fix? and costly?? also the temp guage doesn't work at all, any ideas??


  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    Temp gauge not working is probably down to the coolant temp sensors. These are on the top right of the block where the coolant hose enters the top of the block.
    does the engine shake or make a rattle noise?
    If its the engine shaking then one or more of your engine mounts are probably worn, this happened on my 80 and the engine seemed a bit rough but once the mount was replaced it was much smoother.
    If the engine is rattling
    First thing I'd do for the tappets is change the oil to a good quality 10w40 oil and see if this helps, you could put a engine cleaner in with the oil to remove any old **** in the oil ways before changing the oil. The tappets should rattle on start up but once the oil starts flowing the noise should go away.
    After that you you could get the oil system pressure checked to ensure the pump is working properly.
    If its the tappets themselves then sorry but I don't know what is involved in changing them.
  3. audi_partner

    audi_partner Member VCDS Map User


    the oil pressure guage says the oil pressure is fine, on 5 psi when driving, and 3 psi when idling. i have checked the oil, it has bubbles in it, and looks very watery :hubbahubba: not good!!
  4. K7ERG

    K7ERG Member

    Change the oil and filter.

    If the oil change doesnt work then just buy new lifters then you dont need to worry. Not cheap but worth it if stripping the cams out

    Timing belt off, rocker cover off, cams out removing cam caps, lifters out, then replace lifter (with new) refit. But only do this if you are confident in what your doing. Its not hard if you have some knowledge. I have to do this on my 1.8T 20V turbo as i have noise from the lifters. The joys!!!!

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