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taking off brd manifold

Alexthesparky Jul 31, 2012

  1. Alexthesparky

    Alexthesparky New Member

    Does any one have or know of the sequence to take off the desiel manifold from the 170 's. Also how hard is it as all i want to do is fit the little vacume actuator Ie does it need to come off (looks like it does).
    Once i have done it ill be writting up the problems i have been having and hope this fixes them.
  2. jspeed2

    jspeed2 New Member

    Alright mate, yes u do have to remove the manifold off the car for the vacuum actuator as to replace the actuator u need to turn it 180degrees for the shaft it is mounted on, it sounds complicated but is very obvious once u remove manifold. To remove take off air hose from intercooler to anti-judder valve,Then anti-judder valve, then remove EGR valve (also disconnect metal pipe from exhast to egr valve 2 bolts one can be a pain in **** if you remove bolt holding radiator black metal pipe to oil dipstick tube to give some movement enough to get sockets in once u start dismantling it's fairly obvious what I mean) and finally inlet mani. Afraid I'm not best at explaining but any questions just ask :)

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