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Tailpipe Options

WorkInProgress Feb 25, 2013

  1. WorkInProgress

    WorkInProgress Member

    My car is booked in for it's new exhaust on Wednesday but I haven't yet decided on what tailpipe to go for.
    Any suggestions folks? Pics would be good. I did fancy an outward rolled pipe but not sure how this would suit the car.
  2. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    Straight cut, recessed into the bumper is the nicest on an a3 imo.
    Prawns old a3, now pierres, is the perfect example
  3. WorkInProgress

    WorkInProgress Member

    Cheers Karl, could you point me in the direction of any pics?
  4. 16Klappe

    16Klappe I <3 Panda's! Supporter

    Have you ever seen it in real life?


    Personally; I'm not a huge fan. It is impossible to keep an exhaust within the small confines of that cutout, and as such it burns around the bumper and melts the lower trim. I'm sure there would be a way of fitting it to help, but every time I've seen it the exhaust hasn't been straight in the cutout, or has been a bit messy.

    I much prefer a twin slash cut exhaust. And they're easier to get right.

    My last A3 had a 2.5" single rolled exit, looked good to be fair. Shame the cutout was for when it had a twin pipe miltek.



    Before that it had a straight cut twin exit...Which sat wonkey and looked like ****.


    This is what I have on my car at the moment (modeled on Prawns car)


    And a slightly different fitment on my car -



    You can see it has been cut by Prawn to match the contour of the rear bumper.

    It's all personal choice really, but that's pretty much all of your options in one post :)
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  5. Loonielex

    Loonielex New Member

    I bought my car with a custom made stainless single box oval, think it suits the car and sounds brill on
    full guns with my decat! also spits flames but doesn't burn the bumper :thumbsup:

    Just needs a washer removing out the hanger to lift it back up after settling?


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